Dole Pineapple Plantation is another popular attraction. You and your family can take a narrated train ride through the pineapple fields. The plantation is considered one of the world’s largest mazes. This is a very edifying experience, as it shows how crops are traditionally grown on the island.

Kauai vacation packages are excellent choices for first time visitors. Here you can relax on the beach, sipping cocktails or take a dip in the warm, crystal clear ocean. With so much to do on this amazing island, you will never get bored. One thing is for certain: you may never want to leave!

There’s no way to describe the serenity and beauty of Hawaii. Imagine yourself sitting on a clean, lovely beach where you are cooled by soft ocean breezes. In the distance the sun is setting in a dazzling display reds and oranges and giving the appearance that it is falling into a fiery ocean. Just the thoughts of such a breathtaking vision should appeal immediately to all of your senses and cause you to dream of Hawaii.

Do try the famous Hawaii water sport “SNUBA”. It is just like your regular scuba diving sport, but it doesn’t require any certification and even kids can do this.

Just before Obama went on his latest vacations hawaii, he said the last Congress was the most productive in generations. For once he was right. They were productive in spending a record amount of money.

There are several relaxing activities for adults, ranging from on-site food, beverages, spa, and massages, to sports like golf and tennis. And all with the backdrop of a tropical island!

This one’s easy. Do some research on where you’d like to go, and then book your entire trip as early as you can. Not only do you save money on airfare doing this, but you’ll also get to make sure that anywhere you’d like to stay, and anything you’d like to do aren’t already filled up. Like I said, this easy solution can save you a bunch of heartache later on.