In Louisiana, auto accidents increase the probability of serious head and neck injuries. Drunk drivers are a leading cause for the most severe accidents and often produce a fatality. According to statistics collected by the Highway Safety Research Group, fatal auto accidents occur every eleven hours in the state. Studies show that a majority of the accidents happen during rush hour on Friday evenings.

Contact Law Enforcement

Law enforcement must assess all auto accidents that produce at least $1,000 worth of damage or medical services. An accident report explains what happened and who was involved in the accident. Any driver who leaves the scene of an auto accident faces criminal penalties. All drivers are required to send a copy of the accident report to their insurance carrier.

Get the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Information

All victims of auto accidents must get the at-fault driver’s insurance information. The officers explain which driver is at fault. In multiple car accidents, the at-fault driver is the individual who hit the victim’s vehicle. The victim contacts the at-fault driver’s insurer and files a claim.

Get Details from Witnesses

Law enforcement interviews any witnesses who saw the accident. Victims filing a claim need to gather information from the witnesses. In fact, their attorney should depose the witnesses and collect any information that supports the victim’s legal claim. The depositions help the attorney prepare for court and reduce any potential surprises from their opposition. Witnesses are subpoenaed to testify in court.

Go to the Doctor

All victims involved in an auto accident should go to the doctor. A medical assessment determines if the victim sustained any injuries. The doctor’s diagnosis explains all injuries and connects the injuries to the accident. Medical records are used as evidence in a personal injury case.

In Louisiana, auto accidents produce serious injuries most often. Statistical data indicates that victims of accidents in the state weren’t wearing seatbelts. The information also shows that more than 47,000 auto accidents occurred within the last year. Victims of auto accidents who want to learn more are encouraged to read What to do if you are involved in a car accident by the Augusta Free Press right now.